Frequently asked questions about church insurance:

We have international mission trips planned. Do we need separate insurance for these?

Yes you would. Contact us via email or telephone and we will determine the best program for you and your International mission trips.

Our church has a daycare and/or a school, what kind of coverage do we need?

Again, the answer is yes however, once again, we would recommend you contacting us and after obtaining some specifics from you, one of our staff will outline the best coverage for you.

Do we need coverage for church vehicles?

The answer is most probably yes however we would recommend that you call or email us and we can elaborate on what type of coverage would be best for your situation.

Do we need Workers Compensation coverage?

Yes, in the state of Florida where you have 3 or more employees unless you have a certificate of exemption from the state. However, even with that, you are still responsible for your employee’s coverage.

How important is it for our church to have insurance for sexual misconduct liability?

Especially in this day and age it is extremely important that you have sexual misconduct liability coverage which covers your greatest asset; your children, in the event of sexual impropriety.

We’re a tenant church that meets in a building we don’t own. Do we need insurance

This will depend on how the lease with the facility owners is drafted. In some cases the owner of the building covers the structure however, in all instances you will need to have general liability coverage. We would need to carefully review your current lease agreement and make a decision from there on the building structure insurance coverage.

How do I obtain a church insurance quote?

Simply go to the section below and complete the ‘Obtain a Quote” information and someone will get back to you within 1 business day to review all pertinent information and develop a quote.

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